Weight loss programme

Our weight loss programmes combine the use of metabolic typing, kinesiology, nutritional coaching and mindset development, to help you reach your weight-loss goal in a sustainable and healthy way. In the meanwhile, you will develop muscle tone, get fitter and stronger, and feel more confident in yourself.

Our programmes are bespoke to the individual, meaning we can create plans that encourage future adherence and ensure you can walk away from yoyo dieting.


Here are the Gymbia steps to achieving your weight loss goals:

Step 1 - Welcome introduction session

This is an opportunity to sit down with your coach and discuss your medical history where relevant, lifestyle, personal weight loss hurdles, and your ultimate goals.

Step 2 - Assign your Q&As

The physical assessment will ensure your coach has an idea of your physical condition, to understand whether there are any hurdles to reaching your goals and how your programme will look.

Step 3 - Programme design

Your programme will be designed with your personal objectives in mind. The programme will take into account your lifestyle, your eating habits, exercise preferences and schedule, meaning you are in the best possible position to lose weight, and maintain your post weight-loss body.

Step 4 - Fun, effective training sessions

Our training sessions are designed and delivered so that you enjoy them and look forward to them in the week. They will be varied and specific, so that boredom never sets in and we always target the areas that we need to.

Step 5 - Nutritional guidance

We will create a bespoke meal plan for you, that takes into account your current eating habits and sets realistic goals. We use metabolic typing to find out the best mix of fuel (food) for you - this ensures that you have a plan that’s suitable for your body, and means you won’t have to cut out all of your favourite foods!

Step 6 - Accountability coaching

We know that motivating yourself to get to the gym and give your all can be hard, but we will give you the push that you need to stay on course. You will have a direct line to your coach so that you can get advice when you like, and so that they can give you a pat on the back when you deserve one!

What we consider when making your programme

  • Your mobility - this is a big consideration when making your programme. It needs to be safe and achievable, so your capabilities will influence the exercises that we choose.

  • Your schedule - we know that life can get busy, so we’ll work together to ensure sessions fit with your schedule, and you get the most out of your workout.

  • Your habits - together, we’ll work on a strategy that helps alter your mindset and break free of negative habits.

  • Your nutrition - we’ll create a bespoke meal plan for you, so that you can lose weight without eliminating the things that you love.

  • Your genetics - we can’t change your genetics, but we can work with them to create a programme that suits you.

  • Your lifestyle - sit behind a desk a lot? Or always on your feet? No matter your lifestyle or working environment, we’ll create a programme that helps facilitate weight loss while considering your lifestyle.

Weight loss of 5kg within 6 weeks - imagine what you could achieve?!

Weight loss of 5kg within 6 weeks - imagine what you could achieve?!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to lose weight?

This depends on the individual. Some people really focus and smash their weight loss targets, while some people need a bit of time to adapt and take a slow and steady approach. We’ll work together to make sure you lose weight as safely and effectively as possible.

Will I have to go on a strict diet?

We don’t want this to be a taxing experience that doesn’t last. Your meal plan and the advice we give you will help you stick to your goals in the long term - if it’s unpleasant, that’s really unlikely! This will be a pleasant and rewarding experience, so we won’t be advising any unrealistic or unhealthy dietary guidelines.

I’m not very confident in gym environments - will I feel uncomfortable?

At Gymbia, we foster an environment that’s free of judgement and allows people to train without fear. We know that some gyms can be scary and intimidating, that’s why we ensure an intimate, friendly training environment, so that we all feel comfortable and happy.

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