Sports training

Our bespoke sports training programmes are designed to help you reach peak performance in your sport, whether it’s for a particular event or general performance enhancement.

We will help you reach your objectives through scientific strategies that reprogram your body in order to push performance to the highest level. Our programmes ensure your safety, reducing the chance of injury and allowing you to excel - just ask our clients!


Our approach


We will go through a detailed assessment which will help us understand any body dysfunctions that are limiting performance, any postural issues or injuries, and any muscle imbalances that need addressing.

Our assessments are thorough, scientific and ensure that any training we do will limit injury or weak areas, rather than exacerbate them.


You will gain access to a dashboard that contains several health questionnaires. This will help us gain an insight into your lifestyle, wellbeing, diet and overall condition.

Personalised programme

We will look at the steps we need to take to get you feeling your best for race day, the upcoming season, or that big game you’re prepping for.  Your coach will look at milestones as you progress, like the power of your serve, your 100km bike ride time, or your cardiovascular fitness, ensuring you are built to meet the demands of your sport.

We will consider how to structure running and/or training correctly, so that you don’t burn out, which is a common occurrence among beginners training for a big event.

We want to get to the start line in peak condition, so that you can register your personal bests and smash your targets.

Nutritional support

Good nutrition can propel you to the next level, which is why we will create bespoke meal plans for you, that integrate your eating preferences (we don’t want you to stop enjoying meals). We will use mindset coaching to move you away from any unwanted habits, and help you focus on improving your physical and mental performance.

Injury rehabilitation

Gymbia coaches specialise in injury prevention and rehabilitation, so if you come to us with injuries, we’ll take you through a rehabilitation programme and help get you fit for your next event. Previous clients have come come to us with issues such as achilles tendonitis, and our scientific approach has had them pain free and running within weeks (check our our case studies).

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