Running CLinic

Gymbia’s running clinic supports the running community of Hackney Wick, Victoria park & surrounding areas.

We work with a wide range of people from those looking to run their first 10k pain free all the way up to ultramarathon runners looking to cross the finish line strong.

We specialise in biomechanical assessment & bespoke program design to create focused & efficient results in short spaces of time in running injury rehabilitation & performance.

The human body is perfectly evolved to run for long distances – we often find that desktop sitting creates postural issues that, combined with a faulty gait technique, can lead to pain & quick tiring while running.

 With the right coaching & instruction pain, slow run times & sluggish cardio can be a thing of the past!

We will help you reach your objectives through scientific strategies that reprogram your body in order to push performance to the highest level. Our programmes ensure your safety, reducing injury and allowing you to excel - just ask our clients!


Our approach


We will go through a detailed assessment which will help us understand the factors that may be limiting your performance, any postural issues or injuries or any muscle imbalances that need addressing.

Our assessments are thorough, scientific and ensure that any training we do will target the root cause of injury, weak or underactive areas so that we can design a highly bespoke program for your individual situation


You will gain access to a dashboard that contains several health questionnaires. This will help us gain an insight into your lifestyle, wellbeing, diet and overall condition.


We will look at the steps we need to take to get you feeling your best for race day, the upcoming season, or that big game you’re prepping for.  Your coach will look at milestones as you progress,ensuring you are built to meet the demands of the marathon or the track.

We will structure your running periodisation correctly, so that you don’t burn out, which is a common occurrence among beginners & advanced alike who may be training for a big event.

Gymbia’s Running Clinic will get you to the start line in peak condition, so that you can reach your personal best or finish an event for the first time.


Gymbia coaches specialise in injury prevention and rehabilitation, so if you come to us with injuries, we’ll take you through a rehabilitation programme and help get you fit for your next event. We work in partnership with Victoria Park Osteopaths to deliver a 360 degree service focused on what is best for each clients result

Previous clients have come come to us with issues such as achilles tendonitis, nagging knee pain, swollen ankles, herniated lumbar disks & painful hips with our approach having them pain free and running within weeks.

Gymbia’s Running Clinic is run by Gymbia & Gambian Maternity Foundation director Jess Farmer.

A keen endurance athlete, Jess has completed numerous running challenges including the Switzerland Ironman, Burning Man Ultramarathon & a 100 mile 3 stage ultramarathon scaling various mountains around Mexico City. He also cycled 3000 miles from San Francisco to the south of Mexico & loves just about everything endurance!

As a mechanical engineer turned rehabilitation specialist Jess uses a systematic & logical kinesiology exercise system to deduce what may be the root cause of an individuals pain or postural issues to design a program that achieves powerful results in short spaces of time.

His passion is to help others achieve their dreams & aspirations in health fitness & life.

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