Holistic Happiness, health & Strength


We offer a holistic personal training and coaching service.
We factor in your lifestyle, biomechanics, nutrition, mindset and goals in order to develop results-driven programmes bespoke to you.

Starting with a free, comprehensive consultation we will devise a plan suited to your goals whatever they may be. We have successfully coached people who are:

  • Busy professionals who want to get strong and increase energy

  • New to exercise or the gym and would like to lose weight

  • Suffering from back, knee, hip or shoulder pain

  • Pre and post-natal women looking to get back in shape

  • Sports specific goals like marathon running, triathlon racing, boxing or improving your golf swing!


We utilise the highly versatile C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) system to accurately assess your complete situation, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses in order to determine the best way forward. We then design a comprehensive exercise, health and nutritional program that will achieve results, engage and motivate you as you feel your body, energy and performance levels improve in a short space of time.


Specialist Coaching Packages

Weight loss & muscle gain service

We write a bespoke program including nutritional advice and guidance while supporting you to achieve the goal that you are looking for, whether it is to make specific changes to your body for an important date or gain muscle whilst working towards a place of great health. If you’re a seasoned lifter, this package will be tailored to more advanced needs.

Our focus is more geared to getting you happy, health and strong than weight loss specifically but this program will ensure it comes off as a beautiful side effect. Your coach will provide you with the information you need to keep you and keep you motivated and on track to your chosen goal. We will use a variety of the following:

  • Strength & resistance training

  • Boxing

  • Cardiovascular training

  • Scientific stretch & core conditioning program

  • Holistic lifestyle & nutritional coaching

  • Emotional eating coaching

  • Motivation & accountability

  • Free gym membership included


Pain & posture rehabilitation

With our musculoskeletal assessment process and holistic exercise system we are able to find the true cause of your pain and write a corrective exercise program to free you from it! This service includes:

  • Comprehensive spinal assessment 

  • A core function and strength assessment looking at the deep abdominal wall (TVA), lower abdominals, side and outer abdominals as well as the functionality of the core as an integrated unit

  • A length/tension assessment of the individual muscles of the body

  • Bespoke scientific stretching and strengthening program to normalise the position of the joints, energise the body and begin the process towards a normalised postural position

  • Assess gut health (poorly organs can cause the core muscle to shut down - someones back pain could potentially be related to their IBS.

  • If necessary, we may need to work through your nutrition, stress and sleep habits as it’s all connected!


Sport & Work Specific Training

Gymbia specialises in sports specific training for those looking to improve their game, technique, endurance and enjoyment of your chosen sport. We also specialise in injury rehabilitation to get you back to doing what you love as quickly as possible.

We work with endurance endurance athletes (marathon, triathlon, Ironman), boxers, winter sports, firemen, policemen, paramedic, construction workers, rugby players, footballers, tennis players, golfers - the list goes on!

We begin with a detailed musculoskeletal assessment to form our programs. We will perform a comprehensive sports and work specific needs analysis, breaking down what movement patterns are needed as well as where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We write a periodised program spanning anywhere up to a year, taking into account on & off seasons & what is required in each

Your initial program will be anywhere from 4-12 weeks long depending on your unique situation with reassessments at key points to objectively measure progress.

We follow the formula of Flexibility ---> Stability ----> Strength ----> Power

The flexibility and stability phases are often placed together and involve normalising the position of the joints through scientific stretching while picking key exercises to create deep strength and stability in those joints as a foundation from which to build upon with further conditioning.

We then progress you into a strength phase to further bolster the strength of the system while laying down muscle tissue in key areas to either develop focused sport specific strength or ensure that the muscles of the back are strong so that the back is safeguarded from further pain or injury.

Finally, we progress you into a power phase to complete the performance or rehabilitation cycle. For an athlete this may involve highly specialised movements specific to their chosen sport to hone strength in those movement patterns. E.g. A ballerina may have plyometric exercises to enhance her jumping power while a rugby player may have heavy eccentric loading to develop the ability to take the shock of a 17 stone man bowling into them.

We work with you on your nutrition in order to find the optimum fuel mix to best assist you towards hitting all of your goals, be it weight loss, health, performance or all of the above! We practice the nutritional theory of metabolic typing which states that because we all have massive differences in biochemistry, environment & genetics then we also will have completely different nutritional needs in regards to what ratio of fats, carbohydrates & protein will best fuel us. You wouldn’t put petrol in a diesel engine which is what not eating to your metabolic type is comparable to!

As athletes ourselves we understand the psychology behind training & can work with you to cultivate a rock solid mindset for working through a rehabilitative phase all the way up to winning the competition & beating personal bests. 

Jess - Personal Trainer

JESS farmer

Strength & Conditioning
Physiotherapy & Postural
Superhuman Experience
Lifestyle Coach

The founder of Gymbia, Jess is our captain Biomechanical Transformation Coach. He has a strong passion for all things life orientated and hopes to instil that love into the hearts and minds of all who come to Gymbia.

He utilises a dynamic holistic system working with his clients on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to produce fantastic pain, postural and conditioning results in short spaces of time.

As a previous mechanical engineer of 10 years he has gained a thorough understanding of how mechanical systems work which he has transposed to the incredible construct that is the human body.

Jess is the founder of Gymbia's sister charity, has a background in endurance training, having completed the Ironman Triathlon in Switzerland, cycled 3000 miles from San Fransisco to the south of Mexico and run 3 ultra-marathons. He is also experienced in strength, conditioning, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.



Krav Maga
Boxing / Kickboxing
Strength & Conditioning

I am a highly qualified Personal Trainer and combat specialist with a background in martial arts and self-defence. Training sessions with me are unique as I am able to combine traditional fitness training with a range of other disciplines including Boxing, Kickboxing and Krav Maga. This is not only a fun approach to getting fit, but also develops greater self-confidence and mental discipline than other training styles.

With over 8 years of experience in Personal Training and teaching Krav Maga (as well as training and competing in a number of martial arts, including Boxing, Karate, BJJ and MMA), I have worked with a wide range of people, including many top athletes and fighters from around the world. I therefore have a wealth of experience in strength and conditioning, weight management and nutrition.

Monica - Personal Trainer


Functional Training
Body Building & Sculpting
Core Stability
Circuits / HIIT Training
Jump Rope Skills

I want to teach women how to appreciate and look at their bodies in a positive light and not purely for size, weight, or outward appearance.

I love what I do, it has allowed me to interact with women daily, teach them how to appreciate their strength and move in the direction of their dreams. 

I include various techniques including resistance training, core strengthening Calisthenics, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). I don’t stick to one style because it’s important to keep the body guessing, always challenged, and of course for it to be fun. I believe in teaching my clients how to adopt a healthy, realistic lifestyle that they will love and that will become second nature. Working out shouldn’t feel like a chore! Let’s have some fun.

Varun Personal Trainer


Mindset Coaching
Strength & Conditioning
Mobility & Corrective

Over 11 years experience

I use a holistic approach to my training and truly enjoy what I do, seeing my clients incredible progress and learning from them!

My personal mission is to live an optimal life, full of vitality and health so I can be of service to help others on their journey. I have spent many years working in high pressure workplaces, which have been a great teacher for me to learn how to rise above my circumstances to manage my mindset, stress and limiting beliefs. 

Sharing my experiences, I help my clients find their way on their health and wellness journey (incorporating techniques to reconnect with nature, principles of quantum biology and mindfulness to help transform clients lives.)