Pain and Posture rehabilitation

Pain and posture rehabilitation works for people with a variety of issues and in tonnes of different circumstance, including:

  • People who have pain when doing everyday tasks, such as looking over their shoulder, standing up from a seated position or lifting up the kids

  • People who have been injured playing sports and want to get back to peak condition

  • People who have had work accidents that continue to give them pain

  • People who have bad posture or trapped nerves that cause pain

Sick of being in pain when doing simple daily tasks? Or tired of being unable to reach your personal best in your sport because of an injury?

Injury rehabilitation at Gymbia will take you through a thorough training programme, designed to help you live pain free and deal with the cause, rather than focusing on just the symptoms.


What to expect in the Gymbia injury rehabilitation process

Initial assessment

We will take you through a detailed assessment to understand your physical condition, including;

Muscular imbalances - these can often cause postural issues, leading to pain, lack of flexibility and decline in performance

Spine - we will assess your spine to understand whether you have any issues that need to be rectified

Posture - assessing your posture will give us a wealth of information about the rest of your body and the potential cause of your pain

Lifestyle - we will gain an understanding of your lifestyle, including your job, which may have an effect on your physical condition

Nutrition - we would also gain a thorough understanding of your diet, and help you with a realistic meal plan that would improve the speed of your rehabilitation process

Questionnaires that help identify any other areas that may need consideration

You will gain access to a personalised dashboard, where you will fill in health questionnaires that help your coach diagnose any issues or identify any factors which may be contributing to your pain.

Your trainer will create a bespoke programme to target your injury

From the assessment and questionnaire, your coach will have a thorough understanding of your condition and the steps that need to be taken to render you injury-free.

Your programme will be devised with your capabilities in mind, so don’t worry about being overworked. Our coaches have experience working with clients of all ages and capabilities, and your programme will reflect your individuality.

Ultimately, your safety, comfort, and ability to live pain-free is our utmost priority.

Techniques that we use

Kinesiology - a holistic view on health which looks at physical, psychological, physiological & nutritional to understand the stressors which may be preventing you from reaching optimal health.

Corrective exercise - your programme will contain specifically chosen exercises that help restore balance, stability and mobility in your body. The exercises will be tailored to your injury and capabilities.

Bespoke scientific stretching and strengthening program - to normalise the position of the joints, energise the body and begin the process towards a normalised postural position.


Injuries and pain points that we can help with

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Sports injuries

  • Foot injuries

  • Muscle tears and pulls

  • Sprains

  • Injury prevention

  • Acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries

  • Tendonitis and bursitis

  • Sciatica

  • Back pain

  • Slip disk, disk bulge injuries

  • Tennis elbow

  • Neck pain

  • Joint pain

  • Knee injuries

  • Ankle injuries

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will injury rehabilitation take?

A lot of changes and improvements can take place in a short space of time however it is dependent from case to case. Some can be pain free in 2-4 weeks, others it may take a year as it completely depends on the problem and complexity of the case. We would need to find out more information and can then make a better prediction.

Should I stop physical activity?

If anything you are doing causes you pain or discomfort, you should stop doing immediately. We know that this can be hard for active people, but it’s important that you get the right help before you aggravate the injury.

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