Our Story

Gymbia was founded by Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Specialist Jess Farmer, who, having had his own struggles with physical and mental wellbeing, found respite in exercise.

A few years ago, Jess was off work with anxiety and depression, and during this time, the only thing that Jess found that was good for him was exercise.

He threw himself into it, and signed up for an Ironman race in Switzerland. Once that was finished, he cycled from San Francisco down to Mexico on his bike, ran 34 miles through the Nevada desert, and finally run 100 miles in three days.. All for charity!

This all lead him to setting up a gym in a fire escape near his apartment block, where things grew day by day. An exercise machine here, some weights there, a couple of clients later, and suddenly, it had grown into something a little more than a small exercise space.

Jess realised that he had found a passion, particularly when he saw people with injuries slowly overcome the issue with the relevant care and advice. Jess joined the CHEK institute, where he studied all things to do with collective holistic exercise kinesiology, pain rehabilitation, mindset coaching, biomechanics and more.

Soon enough, Jess had built a team of coaches who had a passion for changing people’s lives. This wasn’t just about getting pumped (although that does also happen!), this was about enabling people to feel good, mentally, physically, spiritually, and helping people make the connection between all.


Gymbia sits just by a canal running through Hackney Wick, and is located just minutes away from the train station.

The gym was created to move away from the intimidating, competitive environments that a lot of mainstream gyms harbour. Gymbia members are encouraged to be kind, considerate and supportive of one another. It’s a gym that feels like a community; people know each other, encourage each other, and train hard together.

Why is it called Gymbia?

Gymbia has had connections with The Gambia since the beginning, so we donate 5% of our profits to The Gambian Maternity Foundation. Also, we take trips to The Gambia to help transport vital supplies for schools and hospitals.