Exercise classes in hackney

Our exercise classes are taught by expert coaches, who ensure each participant gets individual attention and personalised pointers. We ensure that the classes are small enough to allow each person to thrive, but big enough to build a motivating, community atmosphere.

There are a wide variety of classes, that cater to our members’ wealth of needs.


Benefits of Gymbia classes

  • Intimate classes - we cap our classes, ensuring our trainers can give you the attention you need, and you never feel like you’re just a number.

  • Appropriate exercise alternatives - our coaches are experts at understanding your individual capabilities - they will give you alternatives to each exercise where necessary, regressing or progressing the exercises, depending on what you need.

  • Expert support - we will instruct you on proper technique, and how to use each piece of equipment in order to help you develop proper technique and avoid injury.

  • Community atmosphere - we pride ourselves on creating an environment where people feel comfortable and supported by others. Our clients regularly attend Gymbia socials and have developed a support network that helps motivate and drive towards success.

  • Engaging sessions - our trainers like to keep things fun, meaning no two classes are the same, and you will look forward to your workouts every week! Expect the unexpected!

Classes available

Boxing With Kasia

Hackney’s only boxing class for you! Taught by pro boxer and head coach, Kasia, this class will put you through your paces with quality boxing tuition. The class is designed to build a strong body and mind, creating a strong core that pushes your physical potential to the next level.

It works as a great introduction to Boxing Academy, should you want to take things to the next level.

Boxing Academy With Kasia

This is a well-loved Gymbia class due to the camaraderie, the hard work and the results that people experience!

You will be challenged to reach your full potential, and trained to become fight ready for a licensed competitive boxing match. Boxing Academy students have even gone on to fight competitively in the ring, with amazing performances after just several weeks training.

Mixed Mega Training With Alex

Each mixed training class will deliver something different, ensuring boredom will never set in, and you can expect the unexpected! Alex likes to keep his classes fun and engaging, with activities that challenge the body and stimulate the mind.

You will be working through a number of expertly executed systems designed to you as strong as an ox, as flexible as monkey, as fast as a condor and as supple as the jaguar.

FUNctional Fitness With Monica

You can expect to be taken through a variety of dynamic movement patterns designed to create a strong, lean and functional body while pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

Monica is a true master at progressing and regressing all exercises within her classes, ensuring that anyone of any ability can get involved for a solid and safe workout each and every time.

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