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Boxing training at Gymbia is like no other - you will be taught by head coach and professional boxer Coach Kasia, who will teach you fundamental boxing movements that are key to building a solid foundation. The sessions are designed to not only get you physically fit, but also mentally focused to improve your lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never boxed before - we coach beginners, and those who have practised boxing before.


Benefits of boxing training with Gymbia

  • Coached by a boxing professional - there’s no better coach than Kasia, as she knows how to teach proper technique and get the best out of your body. Boxing is a great way to build muscle, strength and power, and channel your fierce streak after a tough day at work.

  • Injury prevention - your coach will ensure that your body is conditioned to perform at a high level, and to deliver proper technique to limit the chance of injury.

  • Intimate classes - our classes are kept nice and intimate, so that you can benefit from the coach’s bespoke support and advice, and you always get the attention that you need.

  • Mindset development - the classes not only improve your physical fitness, but they also help with development of your mindset, allowing you to stay focused, motivated and on the road to reaching your objectives.

  • Nutrition - you will be coached on your nutrition, allowing you to fuel your body in healthy ways while still enjoying your meals. This includes meal plans, recipe ideas and expert advice from your coach.

  • Community atmosphere - our boxing classes have a friendly, supportive atmosphere, where people are not only training buddies, but friends too.

6 week Boxing Academy beginners programme

We have a beginners package that caters to those just starting out, or wanting to build on their limited skill set. Previous participants have gone on to fight in amateur boxing matches after 6 weeks, despite never having worn a set of boxing gloves before. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you boxing!

What can I expect?

  • Learn the footwork

  • Learn how to punch with expert technique

  • Build your core strength

  • Improve your strength and endurance

  • Boxing is not only for fighters - you can use it to protect yourself when necessary

  • Lose weight as a natural side effect

  • Mindset work - building belief and confidence in everyday life

  • Improve decision making through sport, which carries into your personal life

  • Improve boxing-specific conditioning

  • Improve boxing-specific movement

  • Improve balance, agility, reaction time, speed

What happens at the end of the 6 weeks?

There is the opportunity to take your skills to the next level. Boxing Academy members must first complete the 6 week basic training to a satisfactory level of skill and competence, before moving on to the 10 week program.

10 week Boxing Academy second level

What happens next?

In the 10 week programme, you will continue to enhance your basic skills, alongside developing your tactical skill set - you will train as a boxer, with opportunities to compete should you want to box competitively.

If you decide not to fight competitively, it doesn’t mean your training has been any less important - you have already succeeded in the most difficult part of boxing; the discipline; the confidence you need; and the camaraderie you have developed with your peers.

By training at Gymbia Boxing Academy, you already picked up the gloves - it just depends what you want to do with them…

Furthermore, you will learn discipline through your training routine, meal plans and nutritional guidance. This discipline will put you on the road to eating healthy and taking care of yourself in a sustainable way.

What’s included?

  • 6 weeks training 3x a week

  • Sports specific nutrition plan

  • Sports specific training plan

  • Breathing technique workshop

  • Mindset development workshop

  • Facebook community and accountability group

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